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What’s Next?

It is important to know that because we care, not only about work, but about our work environment, team, and having a healthy work-life balance-we are highly selective in our hiring process and it can take a few weeks to complete. Please take this into consideration before starting the application process. 

1. Submit your application via our online application process. We also welcome walk-in applications. 
2. Stand by for an Initial Phone Screening Interview and invitation to proceed.
3. If invited, participate in our One-On-One Interview. Be prepared to be quizzed on your knowledge and current skill level!
4. Next we will check provided references (if you didn’t include them in your online application, please be sure to bring to the in person interview).
5. If successful in the comprehensive Reference Checks, get invited to begin work! Get ready to show us your field skills. Even if you have little to no experience, we need to see if you can use a shovel or a rake, take direction and the pace you work at. If you tell us you have the skills, be prepared to back it up!