Lawn Services

We've Got All Your Lawn Services Handled.

We are your one-stop-shop for all of your lawn services & landscape needs! Whether residential or commercial, our employee’s attention to detail will keep your lawn the envy of your neighbors. We expertly perform all of these services:

Lawn Services Fertilizer

7 Stage Fertilizer Program

A healthy lawn begins with our fertilizer program. With 7 stages that provide nutrients & prevent weeds throughout the seasons this program is designed to keep your lawn thick, luscious, & healthy all year long. Our Company is State Certified and Licensed to apply pesticides/fertilizers and are trained in applying them.

We also offer a Tree & Shrub Program to help control disease, insects & keep plants healthy.

Lawn Services Irrigation Sprinkler

Irrigation System Services

We provide year-round maintenance to existing irrigation systems including:

  • Spring Turn On/Winter Blow Out
  • System Checks Throughout the Season
  • Backflow Checks
  • Repairs as needed

We also offer several upgrade options to existing systems to save you time & money including:

  • Installation of Rachio Smart Controller
  • Addition of new drip lines
  • Water Pot/Raised Bed Irrigation Options
Lawn Services Mowing Green Grass

Weekly Mowing

We offer full mowing services through the season from April-October with any other service. Included in our weekly mowing services:

  • Cut to appropriate height to maintain healthy lawn (3″ unless otherwise specified)
  • Double cut in different directions when necessary
  • Returned clippings to the turf for added nutrients (unless otherwise specified)
  • Blades sharpened daily for a sharp cut
  • Blowing off of all clippings from beds, patios, driveways, & walkways
Pest Control

Structural Pest Control Program

We now offer a quarterly treatment program that treats/prevents up to 21 different pests. During this service our technician sprays approximately 5 ft. all the way around the home, around doors, cracks, and decks/patios to eliminate & prevent pests.

Lawn Services Bed Weeding

Bed Detailing

Keep your beds & tree rings looking fresh all season long with a bi-weekly or monthly bed detailing. We will remove all the weeds, fallen leaves, & debris as well as return any mulch that may have washed or blown out.

Shrub Trimming

We recommend this service 2-3 times per year for a clean look to your landscape. We trim shrubs, bushes, & evergreens to maintain their natural shape. Disposal is always included in our pricing!



Edging & Mulch

Re-edging beds & new mulch installation is a quick way to get fresh curb appeal! Java brown is our most popular, but many colors/styles are available. We also always put down a Pre-Emergent before mulching to keep those weeds! Priced per yard of mulch installed.

Leaf Removal

Leaf removal is important to keep your lawn from retaining water, for sunlight, & nutrients it needs to stay healthy. For this reason, we recommend a clean up in November as well as December to keep it clear as the leaves continue to fall. During a clean-up we remove leaves from the turf as well as all beds & hard surfaces. Disposal is included in pricing.



Lawn Renovations

If your lawn isn’t in the shape you’d like you may need a lawn renovation to get it there. Aerating, Verti-Cutting, Top Soil, & Seeding may be needed to get or keep your lawn healthy. We prefer Fall for these services & can have a team member come out and give you personalized recommendations and pricing for what your lawn needs.



Seasonal Color

We offer many flower options to add a pop of color to your landscape beds or pots throughout the year. Summer annuals as well as Fall flowers are available in many varieties & colors. We also offer planting of bulbs November for Spring blooms! Pricing depends on flower type & number of flats needed.



Irrigation Installations

Tree & Shrub Planting


Dry Creek Bed Installations

Landscape Lighting

Snow Removal Parking Lot

Commercial Snow Removal

MW Lawn and Landscape, Inc. provides commercial snow removal during the winter months for parking lots and sidewalks. We understand the importance of snow and ice removal and the liability that a business owner has to ensure safety to its employees and customers. Therefore it is integral that we are Insured and available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for our customers snow and ice removal. MW Lawn and Landscape, Inc. begins snow removal operations when snowfall reaches a depth of approximately 2″ and continues maintenance until the snow storm has receded. Each company or business has different requirements and needs and MW Lawn and Landscape, Inc. will tailor your contract to reflect those specified needs.

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