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7- Stage Fertilizer Program

Our 7-Stage Fertilizer Program is designed to provide your lawn with essential nutrients throughout the year. This includes seven carefully timed applications, each formulated to meet the specific needs of your grass as the seasons change.

7- Stage Fertilizer Program

Are you trying to maintain a green, beautiful lawn? A healthy lawn starts with proper nutrition and weed prevention. Our program extends seven stages, each carefully designed to deliver essential nutrients and ward off weeds across all seasons. With MW Lawn & Landscape, you can rest assured knowing that our team is fully licensed and certified to apply fertilizers and pesticides safely and effectively. MW Lawn & Landscape, also extends our expertise to a 7-stage fertilizer program, safeguarding your plants from diseases and pests while promoting robust growth.

Our lawn care program provides expert care customized to your lawn’s specific needs, ensuring year-round beauty and vitality. Achieve a thick, healthy lawn that becomes the conversation of the neighbourhood.

We provide significant benefits, such as:

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Selecting one of our upgraded options can help you adopt a more sustainable irrigation strategy in addition to saving time and money. Contact us for a 7-stage fertilizer program to experience the advantages of advanced technology and effective irrigation methods.

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Sofia Moretti Client

Outstanding results! The 7-Stage Fertilizer Program pleasantly surprised me with its remarkable effectiveness and results beyond expectations.

Sophie L Client

"Our garden bloomed beautifully thanks to the MW Lawn & Landscape, 7-Stage Fertilizer Program. Exceptional & professional services"

Carlos Gómez Client

"The best choice I made for my grass was to select the MW Lawn & Landscape, 7-Stage Fertilizer Program. My lawn is healthier and greener than it has ever been!"