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Our Lawncare Services

Keep your outdoor spaces beautiful all year. We guarantee that your lawn receives the nutrients and water it requires to keep your grass safe and healthy.

What We Offer

Complete Lawn Care Services in Johnson County, KS

Get full lawn care Facilities in Johnson County, KS, covering everything from mowing and trimming to fertilization and weed control. Change your lawn with professional care customized to local climate and soil conditions.

7-Stage Fertilizer Program

 Our 7-Stage Fertilizer Program is designed to provide your lawn with essential nutrients throughout the year. This includes seven carefully timed applications, each formulated to meet the specific needs of your grass as the seasons change.

Irrigation System Services

 Our irrigation system services make sure your lawn receives finest water coverage for healthy growth. Our expert team makes sure of efficient water distribution, system functionality, and regular adjustments to accommodate seasonal changes, helping you maintain a vibrant and well-hydrated lawn year-round.

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 A weekly mowing service is essential for maintaining the health and aesthetics of your lawn throughout the year. Regular mowing not only keeps your grass looking neat and tidy but also promotes its overall health by encouraging even growth and minimizing weed infestation.

Structural Pest Control Program

The Structural Pest Control Program is crucial for safeguarding homes and businesses against pests that can cause structural damage and health risks. By implementing this program, property owners ensure proactive pest management, protecting their investments and promoting a safe environment for occupants.


 Bed weeding is important for maintaining the overall aesthetic and health of your landscape. It involves attention to the areas surrounding plants, making sure finest growth and a polished appearance.


Shrub trimming is important for maintaining the health, aesthetics, and functionality of your landscape. Regular trimming promotes growth, increases the shape of shrubs, and prevents overgrowth, ensuring a tidy and vibrant outdoor space.

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Edging &

Improve your landscape’s appeal with essential edging & mulching services. Proper edging defines clean lines around flower beds and pathways, while mulching conserves moisture, suppresses weeds, and enriches soil fertility, ensuring a vibrant and sustainable garden environment.

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Leaf removal is crucial for maintaining a tidy and healthy outdoor environment. As autumn arrives, trees shed their leaves, creating a blanket that can suffocate lawns, block drainage systems, and encourage mold growth.

Aeration and Overseeding

Aeration and Overseeding are important for changing tired, dull yards into vibrant, inviting spaces. Increasing both aesthetics and functionality, these projects breathe new life into outdoor environments, creating a fresh canvas for relaxation and enjoyment.

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Seasonal Flower Installation

Seasonal flower installation brings vibrant bursts of color and life to your outdoor spaces, changing them with each changing season. Improves your landscape’s beauty and charm with carefully selected blooms that survive in your local climate.

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Other Landscaping Services

Improving your outdoor space involves more than just weekly mowing. Incorporating diverse landscaping services make sure a full approach to maintaining and beautifying your property.

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Commercial Snow Removal

 Commercial snow removal services are crucial for businesses to maintain operational efficiency during winter. Timely removal makes sure safety for employees and customers, prevents disruptions, and increases accessibility to premises.

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In order to improve curb appeal, MW Lawn & Landscape, Inc. offers professional lawn care services. Save and enjoy your time by leaving the hard work to us, you can relax and enjoy your beautiful surroundings. Our professional care protects the health and beauty of your lawn and landscape, ensuring a lush, vibrant yard.

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